About Us

About The People Involved

Our team consists of individuals with many years of experience in motorcycling, motorcycle safety products and supply chain management.

Sughosha Ramakrishnan, an avid motorcyclist, trainer and a race official with multiple years of experience in interacting with and using many international motorcycle safety gear brands, heads the sales and marketing of SelSimpl.

Shillpa, the person who envisioned Selsimpl, and a specialist when it comes supply chain, and negotiations serves as the backbone of SelSimpl by handling the entire operations.

About Us

As the name suggests, what we do is really simple! We focus on selling superior quality motorcycle safety products. SelSimpl was born out of the sheer passion and many years of experience.

Vision Statement

To encourage responsible and enjoyable motorcycle riding experience without compromising on safety.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become essential to our customers by providing superior quality motorcycle safety products.

World Class Products

Guinuine products from across the world.

Free Shipping

Free & Fast shipping across India


All products are covered under warranty.